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Album: El Mero Chingon [free mp3]

Release: 2006 year
Artist: Chingo Bling
Album Tracks: 21 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

El Mero Chingon download


File Size      #
1. Chingo Bling - Intro.mp3 (0.33mb) download
2. Chingo Bling - Ostrish Boots.mp3 (8.48mb) download
3. Chingo Bling - ABC's.mp3 (5.40mb) download
4. Chingo Bling - Oh Boy - Chingo Bling.mp3 (3.68mb) download
5. Chingo Bling - Tato in Milwaukee (Prank).mp3 (2.54mb) download
6. Chingo Bling - Esperate.mp3 (6.17mb) download
7. Chingo Bling - Ice & Bling - Chingo Bling.mp3 (5.49mb) download
8. Chingo Bling - Dame un Bald Fade - Chingo Bling.mp3 (4.04mb) download
9. Chingo Bling - Curly Pansotas - Chingo Bling.mp3 (6.43mb) download
10. Chingo Bling - Kinko's (Prank).mp3 (2.94mb) download
11. Chingo Bling - Killa Charks (Prank).mp3 (4.06mb) download
12. Chingo Bling - Put Yer Cups Up.mp3 (6.42mb) download
13. Chingo Bling - Ostrish Force Juan's.mp3 (7.63mb) download
14. Chingo Bling - Lyor Cohen (Prank).mp3 (5.20mb) download
15. Chingo Bling - Freestyle.mp3 (6.51mb) download
16. Chingo Bling - Ice & Bling [Escrewed].mp3 (7.59mb) download
17. Chingo Bling - Ostrish Boots [Escrewed].mp3 (8.71mb) download
18. Chingo Bling - Bomb Music (Prank).mp3 (0.86mb) download
19. Chingo Bling - Esperate [Escrewed].mp3 (4.28mb) download
20. Chingo Bling - Ostrish Force Juan's [Escrewed].mp3 (6.95mb) download
21. Chingo Bling - ABC's [Escrewed].mp3 (7.03mb) download

Album: Chingo Bling 4 Presedent [free mp3]

Release: 2005 year
Artist: Chingo Bling
Album Tracks: 35 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Chingo Bling 4 Presedent download


File Size      #
1. Chingo Bling - White House Undersiege.mp3 (1.34mb) download
2. Chingo Bling - Bring Em Out Puto.mp3 (3.13mb) download
3. Chingo Bling - Chale.mp3 (2.89mb) download
4. Chingo Bling - The Way Che Moves (Ft.5th Ward Weebie).mp3 (7.21mb) download
5. Chingo Bling - I Need A Manosa (Bad Bish).mp3 (4.40mb) download
6. Chingo Bling - Okkkay!.mp3 (1.87mb) download
7. Chingo Bling - Lil Tortilla Boy.mp3 (1.28mb) download
8. Chingo Bling - Chingo Powers.mp3 (2.96mb) download
9. Chingo Bling - Yo! MTB Wraps!.mp3 (2.09mb) download
10. Chingo Bling - Pay Up Mothertrucker!.mp3 (4.19mb) download
11. Chingo Bling - Dale DJ.mp3 (4.08mb) download
12. Chingo Bling - White Shix!.mp3 (3.47mb) download
13. Chingo Bling - Still Tippen Refried Remix (Ft.Magnificient).mp3 (4.59mb) download
14. Chingo Bling - Gremlins With White Tees (Nalgasaki).mp3 (3.23mb) download
15. Chingo Bling - Ju Don't Know Me's (Ft.PJ The Rap Hustler).mp3 (2.47mb) download
16. Chingo Bling - Wetbacks De Mass Destruktion.mp3 (2.14mb) download
17. Chingo Bling - Dat Ganksta Chit (Ft.Max Minelli).mp3 (5.47mb) download
18. Chingo Bling - Cono Man.mp3 (3.67mb) download
19. Chingo Bling - Focks With Me.mp3 (3.35mb) download
20. Chingo Bling - Chinge Su Madre Bush.mp3 (3.65mb) download
21. Chingo Bling - Citizens Of Ballerville.mp3 (4.74mb) download
22. Chingo Bling - Interlude.mp3 (2.47mb) download
23. Chingo Bling - Pookeet (Ft.Kiotti).mp3 (4.50mb) download
24. Chingo Bling - My Cock Go Hard (Ft.Your Bish).mp3 (1.18mb) download
25. Chingo Bling - Handcuff Yo Bish (Ft.Stunta).mp3 (3.50mb) download
26. Chingo Bling - Mule N' Carrish.mp3 (4.52mb) download
27. Chingo Bling - Buy Milby High.mp3 (1.38mb) download
28. Chingo Bling - Whale Ball Skin.mp3 (2.92mb) download
29. Chingo Bling - Botas De Cocodrilo (Ft.Down).mp3 (2.55mb) download
30. Chingo Bling - Saltchaker.mp3 (3.11mb) download
31. Chingo Bling - Missy Got A Big Ol' Butt.mp3 (5.20mb) download
32. Chingo Bling - King Of Wrap.mp3 (3.66mb) download
33. Chingo Bling - Mexican Standoff.mp3 (3.14mb) download
34. Chingo Bling - Corrido De Chingo.mp3 (1.95mb) download
35. Chingo Bling - How Much For A Verse?.mp3 (0.58mb) download

Album: Tamale Kingpin [free mp3]

Release: 2005 year
Artist: Chingo Bling
Album Tracks: 16 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Tamale Kingpin download


File Size      #
1. Chingo Bling - Masa & Da Flour - Chingo Bling.mp3 (6.30mb) download
2. Chingo Bling - Osama!! Who Got the Keys to My Humma?? - Chingo Bling.mp3 (8.96mb) download
3. Chingo Bling - Walk Like Cleto - 5th Ward Weebie, Chingo Bling.mp3 (6.44mb) download
4. Chingo Bling - Swang on Deez Nutz - Chingo Bling, Russ Lee,.mp3 (6.92mb) download
5. Chingo Bling - F*** a Major Label - Chingo Bling, Max Minelli.mp3 (8.95mb) download
6. Chingo Bling - Waca, Wacka, Wocka - Chingo Bling.mp3 (5.53mb) download
7. Chingo Bling - Pop Tailgate...Wooooooooooooo!!!.mp3 (5.47mb) download
8. Chingo Bling - American Pie - Chingo Bling, Mike Jones, Paul Wall.mp3 (6.06mb) download
9. Chingo Bling - Still Hodlin' - Baby Bash, Chingo Bling, Lucky Luciano.mp3 (5.79mb) download
10. Chingo Bling - Pan de Derf - Chingo Bling, Fade Dogg.mp3 (8.16mb) download
11. Chingo Bling - Chiches & Nalgas - Chingo Bling.mp3 (5.75mb) download
12. Chingo Bling - She Wants Chingo's Tamale - Chingo Bling.mp3 (7.67mb) download
13. Chingo Bling - I'm a Balla - Chingo Bling, Mello, Risky.mp3 (6.73mb) download
14. Chingo Bling - What Did He Said [Remix] - Baby Bash, Chingo Bling, Fade Dogg.mp3 (7.42mb) download
15. Chingo Bling - Chingo 4 President - Chingo Bling.mp3 (7.08mb) download
16. Chingo Bling - They Don't Want None/Kickdoor Eskit/El Corrido de Chingo Bling - Chingo Bling, Flatline, Ice, Jezufavio de Chicago, Nuevo Leon.mp3 (13.19mb) download

[ Bruce Carroll: Driving Nails ]

Artist: Bruce Carroll
Song: Driving Nails

Since that blessed night in a manger, she watched her baby grow,
It seems Like yesterday He was in her arms, where did the time go?,
He learned His Fathers trade, as she marveled at It all,
The sweat dropped from her Little Carpenter as He made the timbers fall,

She can hear the driving nails upon the Hillside,
and she prays that His spirit will not fail,
she watches as a young man undertakes His Fathers Will,
as she stands and listens to the driving nails
In the streets of Jerusalem a child can disappear ,
She was frantic as She looked for Him, Until She began to hear,
the hammers up at the temple, she called Him as she ran,
surprised she found Him teaching like no ordinary man

Darkness covered all the land in the middle of the day,
she began to tremble as the earth began to quake,
Hammers, Nails & Timbers of The Carpenters Trade,
made the sound that pierced her soul as the Cross was being raised

And She cries and Listens To the Driving Nails

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